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Dutch Sprout is a gateway to horticulture knowledge and practical expierences

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Gerjo Engbers

Together we grow local horticulture talent.

Human capital is the key for profit and return on investment in greenhouse companies. Investing in human capital by training and coaching pays off directly. Dutch Sprout can help you grow your business by growing people.

Dutch Sprout is a collaboration between experienced horticulture experts and education providers. Our goal is to share high level horticultural expertise worldwide, using a unique educational approach that simultaneously mobilises and leverages local knowledge. We are convinced that ensuring talent development is of importance to create economically resilient and sustainable local food systems. The collaborative is the gateway to Dutch greenhouse experts that are part of the large network of partners of Dutch Sprout.

The core task of Dutch Sprout is the development and execution of training programs. The programs are of high quality and stand out because they are tailor made and transferable for local contexts. These programs are aimed at empowering local partners to deliver and maintain high-quality training according to proven Dutch learning methods. Dutch Sprout supports the development of organizations in the horticulture cluster and policymakers by creating optimum learning conditions and processes to realize long-term growth and success.

What do we offer?

Dutch Sprout believes that learning is most effective when it is delivered contextually, related to practice.

For long-term success, local knowledge transfer and robust education systems are crucial. Therefore, our activities and programs are always in collaboration with local partners.



What are the needs, potential local partners, gap analyses regarding human capital and knowledge development?


Investors workshop

Coaching and training of investors to understand the relevance of investing in human resource development (HRD).


Tailor made

Designing and developing tailor made education programs for investors, entrepreneurs and their staff.



Development of ‘train the trainer’ program: training program and work with first group of trainers and students from partner companies.



Assessment of existing training centres: advice for developing up to date training facilities, option for certification.



Execution: training program (for trainers and students).



Certification trainers: certificate and follow up (yearly refreshment course) to keep the trainers up to date.


Unique approach

A unique approach for universities and colleges to educate students for lifelong learning and for management functions in the high-tech greenhouse production chain.

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